Call for Papers: “Antitrust at the intersection of  law and economics”

Call for Papers

The Competition Law Scholars Forum (CLaSF) and 

the Institute of Corporate and International Commercial Law
of the University of Graz

invite contributions to a workshop on

 Antitrust at the intersection of law and economics

at the University of Graz (Austria) on Thursday, 19 April 2018

The Competition Law Scholars Forum (CLaSF) will be running a workshop on Thursday, 19 April 2018, at the Law Faculty of the University of Graz. The subject of the workshop will be the broad theme of ‘Antitrust at the intersection of law and economics.’

We invite abstract paper proposals from researchers, scholars, practitioners and policy-makers in relation to any issue within this broad theme. We welcome theoretical, economics-driven, practice-based or policy-focused papers, and we are interested in receiving abstracts for papers which may be focused on perspectives or experience at national, regional (eg EU), or international levels, or a combination.

Suggestions are invited particularly in the field of the following matters:

  • The role of economics in the development of antitrust legal doctrines (eg, influence of different antitrust schools on specific abuses of dominance, conceptual questions, etc);
  • The role of economists in antitrust law theory and practice;
  • Comparative analysis on the role of economics in different competition law jurisdictions and traditions;
  • The interplay and possible tensions between competition law and competition economics on a theoretical and a practical level;
  • The application of law & economics methodology to specific competition law issues as an insight into antitrust between law and economics;
  • The EU’s “more economics” approach revisited (is it time for “less economics”?)

The Workshop will consist of a mix of invited speakers and contributions chosen following this call for papers.

  • Any person interested in being considered on the basis of the call for papers at the workshop is asked to contact Professor Barry Rodger at abstract is required of approximately 500-1,000 words, to be submitted by no later than 15 January 2018, and decisions on successful submissions will be taken by 29 January 2018. Submission of presentation/draft paper is also required a week prior to the workshop.

Papers presented at the conference can be submitted to the Competition Law Review editorial board with a view to being published in the Review. Note that the Review is a fully refereed scholarly law journal: submission does not guarantee publication.


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