"New Economics Papers: Industrial Competition" (2008-03-25)

Nuevamente viene cargado de interesantes papers la última edición del “New Economics Papers” de”Industrial Competition” (2008-03-25) editado por Russell Pittman (US Department of Justice).

A continuación transcribo el índice de contenido:

1. The Effect of Mergers on Consumer Prices: Evidence from Five Selected Case Studies
Orley Ashenfelter; Daniel Hosken
2. Some Economics of Abuse of Dominance
John Vickers
3. Multi-product Firms and Product Variety
Ramon Caminal; Lluís M. Granero
4. Competing for Contacts: Network Competition, Trade Intermediation and Fragmented Duopoly
Dimitra Petropoulou
5. The welfare effects of third-degree price discrimination with non-linear demand functions
Simon Cowan
6. Prominence and Consumer Search
Mark Armstrong; John Vickers; Jidong Zhou
7. Competition and quality in regulated markets: a differential-game approach
Kurt R. Brekke; Roberto Cellini; Luigi Siciliani; Odd Rune Straume
8. R&D and market structure in a horizontal differentiation framework
Davide Fantino
9. The Relationship between Knowledge Intensity and Market Concentration in European Industries: An inverted U-Shape
Niels Krap; Johannes Stephan
10. Competition for Scarce Resources
Peter Eso; Volker Nocke; Lucy White
11. Bargaining Between Retailers and their Suppliers
Howard Smith; John Thanassoulis
12. Monopoly and the Incentive to Innovate When Adoption Involves Switchover Disruptions
Thomas J. Holmes; David K. Levine; James A. Schmitz, Jr.
13. Efficiency Gain from Ownership Deregulation: Estimates for the Radio Industry
Howard Smith; Catherine O’Gorman
14. Media Competition and Information Disclosure
Ascensión Andina-Díaz
15. Policy Coordination in an Oligopolistic Housing Market.
Ana I. Saracho; José M. Usategui
16. Weitzman revisited: Emission standards vs. taxes with uncertain control costs and market power of polluting firms
Clemens Heuson
17. Competing Communications Networks and International Trade
Fukushima, Marcelo; Kikuchi, Toru
18. An Empirical Analysis of the Relationship Between Inequality and Innovation in a Schumpeterian Framework
Hatipoglu, Ozan
19. Concentration in the Belgian brewing industry and the Breakthrough of Lager in the interwar years
Peter Van Der Hallen
20. Diversification strategies and scope economies evidence from a sample of Italian bus transport providers
Ottoz Elisabetta; Di Giacomo Marina
21. Less fighting than expected – experiments with wars of attrition and all-pay auctions
Hannah Hörisch; Oliver Kirchkamp
22. The Role of the Local Business Environment in Banking Consolidation
Luca Colombo; Gilberto Turati
23. Innovation in Business Groups
Sharon Belenzon; Tomer Berkovitz
24. Monopoly Behaviour with Speculative Storage
Mitraille, S.; Thille, H.
25. Managing the radio spectrum : framework for reform in developing countries
Neto, Isabel; Wellenius, Bjorn


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