"New Economics Papers: Industrial Competition" (2008- 04 -12 y 15)

Las últimas dos ediciones del “New Economics Papers” de”Industrial Competition” (2008-04 -12 y 15) editadas por Russell Pittman (US Department of Justice) contienen 42 papers!

A continuación transcribo el índice de contenido de las ediciones:


1. A Model of Vertical Oligopolistic Competition
Reisinger, Markus; Schnitzer, Monika
2. Dynamic Price Competition with Network Effects
Cabral, Luís M B
3. Advance-Purchase Discounts as a Price Discrimination Device
Nocke, Volker; Peitz, Martin
4. The Dynamics of Industrial Markups in Two Small Open Economies: Does National Competition Policy Matter ?
Jozef Konings; Patrick Van Cayseele; Frederic Warzynski
5. Merger Review: How much of Industry is Affected in an International Perspective ?
Patrick Van Cayseele; Jozef Konings; Jan De Loecker
6. Do Competitive Markets Stimulate Innovation?: An Empirical Analysis Based on Japanese Manufacturing Industry Data
INUI Tomohiko; KAWAKAMI Atsushi; MIYAGAWA Tsutomu
7. On the Impact of Forward Contract Obligations in Multi-Unit Auctions
de Frutos, Maria-Angeles; Fabra, Natalia
8. Cournot Competition in the Electricity Market with Transmission Constraints.
Bert Willems
9. Investment Incentives and Auction Design in Electricity Markets
de Frutos, Maria-Angeles; Fabra, Natalia; Von der Fehr, Nils-Henrik M
10. The effect of satellite entry on product quality for cable television
Chenghuan Sean Chu
11. Market Power and Efficiency in the Czech Banking Sector
Anca Pruteanu-Podpiera; Laurent Weill; Franziska Schobert
12. Impact of bank competition on the interest rate pass-through in the euro area
Michiel van Leuvensteijn; Christoffer Kok Sørensen; Jacob A. Bikker; Adrian A.R.J.M. van Rixtel
13. The Impact of Technology and Regulation on the Geographical Scope of Banking
Hans Degryse; Steven Ongena
14. Does Competition Reduce the Risk of Bank Failure?
Martinez-Miera, David; Repullo, Rafael
15. Location Decisions of Foreign Banks and Institutional Competitive Advantage
Stijn Claessens; Neeltje van Horen
16. Efficiency Gain from Ownership Deregulation: Estimates for the Radio Industry
O’Gorman, Catherine; Smith, Howard
17. Asymmetric duopoly in space – what policies work?
Fay Dunkerley; André de Palma; Stef Proost
18. Cournot Competition, Financial Option markets and Efficiency
Bert Willems
19. Risk Taking in Winner-Take-All Competition
Matthias Kräkel; Petra Nieken; Judith Przemeck
20. Entry Barriers in Retail Trade
Schivardi, Fabiano; Viviano, Eliana
21. A capacitated commodity trading model with market power
Martínez de Albeniz, Victor; Vendrell, Josep M.


1. Bertrand-Edgeworth Equilibrium in Oligopoly
Hirata, Daisuke
2. Switching Costs and the foreign Firm’s Entry
Kikuchi, Toru
3. Understanding Perpetual R&D Races
Yves Breitmoser; Jonathan H.W. Tan; Daniel John Zizzo
4. Competition Between Auctions
Ernan Haruvy; Peter T. L. Popkowski Leszczyc; Octavian Carare; James C. Cox; Eric A. Greenleaf; Wolfgang Jank; Sandy Jap; Young-Hoon Park; Michael H. Rothkopf
5. An Economic Assessment of EC Merger Control: 1957–2007
Bruce Lyons
6. Stock Market Event Studies and Competition Commission Inquiries
Lucy Beverley
7. Mergers in Two-Sided Markets: An Application to the Canadian Newspaper Industry
Chandra, Ambarish; Collard-Wexler, Allan
8. Targeted Advertising: The Role of Subscriber Characteristics in Media Markets
Chandra, Ambarish
9. Mergers and Acquisitions in the Indian Pharmaceutical Industry: Nature, Structure and Performance
Beena, S
10. Fines, Leniency, Rewards and Organized Crime: Evidence from Antitrust Experiments
Bigoni, Maria; Fridolfsson, Sven-Olof; Le Coq, Chloe; Spagnolo, Giancarlo
11. The Role of Contribution among Defendants in Private Antitrust Litigation
Morten Hviid; Andrei Medvedev
12. Welfare and Competition Effects of Electricity Interconnection between Great Britain and Ireland
Laura Malaguzzi Valeri
Rod Tyers; Lucy Rees
14. Improving Product Market Regulation in India: An International and Cross-State comparison
Paul Conway; Richard Herd
15. Gasoline Prices Jump Up on Mondays: An Outcome of Aggressive Competition?
Oystein Foros; Frode Steen
16. Nearly Optimal Pricing for Multiproduct Firms
Chenghuan Sean Chu; Phillip Leslie; Alan Sorensen
17. Information and Learning in Oligopoly: an Experiment
Maria Bigoni
18. Mergers, acquisitions and technological regimes: the European experience over the period 2002- 2005
Damiani, Mirella; Pompei, Fabrizio
19. Mergers and capital flight in unionised oligopolies: Is there scope for a ‘national champion’ policy?
Kjell Erik Lommerud; Frode Meland; Odd Rune Straume
20. Does Product Market Competition Decrease Employers’ Training Investments? – Evidence from German Establishment Panel Data
Katja Görlitz; Joel Stiebale
21. Competition, Takeovers and Gender Discrimination
Heyman, Fredrik; Svaleryd, Helena; Vlachos, Jonas


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