Invitación al «21st Annual Loyola Antitrust Colloquium»

Una de las pocas ventajas que nos ha dejado la pandemia es poder acceder a cientos de eventos académicos alrededor el mundo sin salir de nuestras casas. Precisamente, en abril 15 y 16 podremos asistir remotamente al 21st Annual Loyola Antitrust Colloquium organizado por el Institute for Consumer Antitrust Studies de la Universidad de Loyola en Chicago.

A continuación comparto la agenda del evento y la invitación que nos extiende el profesor Spencer Weber Waller para regístranos y asistir al mismo:

Dear Colleagues:

I am writing to provide you with some additional details for the 21st Annual Loyola Antitrust Colloquium to be held remotely by the Institute for Consumer Antitrust Studies at Loyola University Chicago School of Law on Thursday afternoon, April 15, 2021, and Friday morning, April 16, 2021.

I have attached a tentative schedule for the colloquium. I am pleased to announce that the keynote speaker will be Bill Baer, the former head of the Antitrust Division and Acting Associate Attorney General in the Obama Administration. His topic will be: When Antitrust Comes to the Fork in the Road, Take It!

Because of the remote nature of this year’s colloquium, we decided to split up the presentations over a two-day period to limit zoom fatigue. On Thursday the 15th, we will have Bill Baer’s keynote beginning at 3 PM Chicago time, followed by the first panel. Following the panel’s conclusion, we will immediately go into a zoom happy hour as our best available substitute for the usual reception at my home. On Friday the 16th, there will be two panels in our traditional format beginning at 9 AM Chicago time. We expect to conclude by noon.

We also hope to provide a small box of tasty treats and Institute goodies to all U.S. attendees, so when you RSVP for the colloquium, be sure to include a home mail address so that we can deliver the antitrust colloquium gift pack to you before the program begins. Unfortunately, we will not be able to ship to P.O. Boxes or addresses outside the United States. But the program itself will be available via zoom worldwide, and we hope to have the broadest, most geographically diverse audience in the history of the colloquium.

The COVID outbreak and the lockdown last year in March prevented us from having a full colloquium. We hope to remedy this year with a full but remote colloquium spread over two days showcasing cutting edge work in the antitrust field, a robust discussion of ideas, and the continued building of community among participants who share our mission of promoting a more consumer-friendly and competitive economy.

This year we are also trying something different to present as many new and diverse voices as possible from all over the world. For the first time, there will be a gallery of antitrust scholarship on the website that will go live on the first day of the colloquium featuring short video summaries of up to ten minutes and links to new work by new authors that space considerations prevented us from featuring in the live colloquium. This gallery will remain on the Institute web along with the eventual recordings from the full colloquium.  If you are interested in presenting any new work in progress in this format, please contact me, and I can provide more information about the format, deadlines, and technical specs for what we will need.

We also invite you to view our recorded 2020 keynote from the Honorable Phil Weiser, Attorney General of Colorado, Ariel Ezrachi & Maurice Stucke’s book presentation on Competition Overload, and Ramsi Woodcock’s comment, which are available at

Please RSVP for the colloquium (with your U.S. home address) by email to

Please let me know if I have misstated anything on the tentative schedule if you are one of the presenters or commentators. I envision for each paper that the presenter would take no more than 25 minutes to present the gist of your work, followed by each of the commentators for approximately 10 minutes apiece to offer their take on the paper, and then an open discussion until we take a short break before the proceeding the next paper.

Presenters will need to send me the final version of their papers by March 20th, so I can post all papers on the web site so the commentators and participants have time to read them before the colloquium. Presenters using slides will need to send those to me the week before the colloquium.

I look forward to seeing all of you on the zoom in April and in person as soon as conditions permit.


Spencer Weber Waller

John Paul Stevens Chair in Competition Law

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