Call For Grant Proposals – IIPC Competition 2011: Innovation, Intellectual Property and Competition Policy

«Call For Grant Proposals
IIPC Competition 2011: Innovation, Intellectual Property and Competition Policy

TILEC – Tilburg Law and Economics Center – announces the 2011 TILEC IIPC grant competition. The TILEC IIPC grant competition provides funding for up to three scientists (or teams of scientists) in the amount of EUR 15,000 each to conduct legal and economic research on the interplay between innovation, intellectual property rights and competition policy. Funded projects will generate papers that will be presented at a workshop on the issue, which will take place in Tilburg before the summer of 2012.

The goals of the TILEC IIPC grant are to bring together scholars in the fields of law and of economics to generate new, scientific, policy-relevant findings related to innovation, intellectual property rights and competition policy, and to facilitate future collaborations.

ELIGIBILITY: Applicants must hold a doctorate from a recognized educational institution and have an appointment as member of the faculty, researcher, or main investigator in an active research institution.

CRITERIA: Proposals will be chosen on the basis of:
(i) their relevance to TILEC’s research program for 2007-2011, in particular Section 2.2.2 (‘Competition policy and Regulation’);
(ii) scientific significance;
(iii) feasibility;
(iv) strength of research design;
(v) societal significance.

Proposals that draw on both economic and legal scholarships, or that are jointly submitted by one (or several) legal scholar(s) and one (or several) economist(s), will receive special attention.

FUNDING: Two thirds of the grant will be paid in September 2011, the remaining third being disbursed after presentation of a satisfactory paper at the abovementioned workshop and delivery of the final version. Reimbursement of the expenses associated to the workshop will come in addition to the grant.

APPLICATION PROCEDURE: To apply for funding, please submit a 2000- to 3000-word proposal that describes:
(i) the specific aims of the research;
(ii) preliminary studies or findings;
(iii) the methods or techniques to be applied;
(iv) the way in which the research fulfils the criteria listed above.

A CV of the researchers involved in the project should accompany the proposal.

APPLICATION PROCEDURE: Applicants may send an electronic version of their proposal (pdf only) to: until 1 June 2011, indicating «TILEC IIPC grant proposal» in the subject field of the message.

A selection committee will assess the proposals. Its decisions are to be known by 20 June 2011. The main investigator of each selected proposal will be asked to enter into a formal agreement regarding the delivery of the paper and the participation to the abovementioned workshop.

FURTHER INFORMATION: For further information about the competition, please send a request to:

For more information about TILEC, please visit the TILEC website. Applicants are also encouraged to consult TILEC’s research program website:

The TILEC IIPC grant competition is part of a research program at TILEC on Competition Law, Intellectual Property Law and Innovation sponsored by Qualcomm Inc»

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