The Adoption of Modern Competition Policies in Latin America – Part II: South America

Dos sucintos y precisos escritos de Francisco Beneke sobre la implementación de las normas antimonopolio en América Latina. Sobre el caso colombiano, el trabajo de Andrés Palacios (candidato a doctor en UCL) da cuenta de la aplicación de la normativa expedida desde 1959, pero como explica Francisco esa información aún no está disponible en Internet.

Developing World Antitrust

By Francisco Beneke*

As announced last week, the data for the Latin-South American countries is presented in part II.

The criteria for setting a starting date of modern competition policy is transcribed from the last post: “The starting date is counted from when a competition authority started to exist, who is in charge of enforcing an antitrust law applicable on an economy-wide basis, as opposed to sectorial regulation of competition. Exclusively criminal liability statutes are excluded since experience has shown they were seldom enforced and, therefore, cannot be counted as a policy apt to deter anticompetitive behavior. For the same reasons, in some cases I do not start counting from the year of the country’s first economy-wide competition law if they were either not enforced or done so in procedures without the expectation of a dissuasive penalty. More details will be presented as each country is analyzed.”

  1. Colombia

Colombia has…

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