Conference in São Paulo, Brazil

Dear readers,

At first, this post may look like a bit off-topic.

I am helping to organize São Paulo’s Half-Year Conference for AIJA (Association Internationale des Jeunes Avocats). The conference will be running from the 16th to the 19th November at the Renaissance Hotel in São Paulo and it will have two parallel seminars: «Legal Challanges and Creative Solutions of the Organization of Major Events»  and «Bribery & Corruption: a roadmap to get rid of problems». For more information, please click here.

However, there is one specific panel which may interest the followers of this blog. On the 18th November, I will be speaking in a panel about public procurement and how the government may adopt policies to miminize the risk of collusion. The panel will be moderated by Alexandre Araújo (In-house counsel, Petrobrás, Salvador, Brazil) and the other speaker will be Vinicius Marques de Carvalho, who is the head of the Secretariat of Economic Law (SDE) – as you know, the SDE is the Brazilian antitrust watchdog and will be transformed into one of the branches of the Administrative Council of Economic Defense (CADE). This event will be the first opportunity to hear to Vinicius Marques de Carvalho after the new Brazilian Antitrust Law is enacted by the President of Brazil, which will likely happen in the next weeks.

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