A new antitrust law in Brazil tomorrow?

It is 7 pm in São Paulo and I have just finished another day of work. Over the last 12 hours, my inbox was flooded with news coming from Brasília about the new Brazilian antitrust law – according to the information received, the House of Representatives is about to vote the amendments made by the Senate. This may be the penultimate chapter of the new antitrust law, which has been under discussion since 2003 – the last chapter would be be vetoes by the President.

It is consensus among the experts that most of the amendments worsened the original bill: reduction in the fines for cartels and disproportional rise in the filing thresholds are two of the amendments made by the Senate. Some of them are expected to be excluded according to unofficial sources. At least, this is what suggests the report made by Pedro Eugênio, a representative of the Labour Party in charge of analysing the amendments made by the Senate.

Let’s see what will happen. I will keep you posted!

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