Reforms in Antitrust Law in Latin America?

Dear readers,

After what happened this week in Brazil, I was wondering where else in Latin America there is a bill under analysis by the Legislative branch to amend or replace the Antitrust Law. Can you help me to see the big picture in our region?

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  1. Dear Leopoldo, the Latin American countries that lack any kind of national competition law are Paraguay & Guatemala. There has been a flux of bills discussed in their respective Congresses but I don’t have the insights of the procedures.

    Ecuador has a decree that allows the enforcement of Andean Community’s Decision 608 to domestic conducts and a national competition bill is also being discussed in the Congress. I will post on the Ecuadorian process with information that a colleague, Santiago Reyes, sent me recently.

    Finally, there are discussions on amendments in Mexico, Costa Rica and Argentina.

  2. Dear Leopoldo,

    In Argentina there are several bills at Congress to amend the current competition law. The most recent bill is one raising the notification thresholds in order to keep up with the ongoing inflation, which is turning a lot of transactions without effects in the market to to be filed.

    None of the bills are near to be approved, and none of them will imply a substantial modification of the current system.

    Besides that, the members of the Antitrust Commission are drafting a leniency program, which is still in a preliminary stage.

    Also, there is a growing conscience among the courts and the experts in the field on the need of an independent tribunal to enforce the law, which was envisaged in the 1999 law but 10 years lated has still not been created.

    Best regards,


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