"New Economics Papers: Industrial Competition" (2008 – 05 – 31)

A continuación transcribo el índice de contenido de la última edición del “New Economics Papers” de”Industrial Competition” (2008-05-31) editado por Russell Pittman (US Department of Justice).

1. Asymmetric Cartels – a Theory of Ring Leaders
Ganslandt, Mattias; Persson, Lars; Vasconcelos, Helder
2. On The Stability of Research Joint Ventures: Implications for Collusion
Tomaso Duso,; Enrico Pennings; Jo Seldeslachts
3. Bertrand Competition in Markets with Network Effects and Switching Costs
Irina Suleymanova; Christian Wey
4. On the (Mis-) Alignment of Consumer and Social Welfare in Markets with Network Effects
Irina Suleymanova; Christian Wey
5. Is Google the next Microsoft? Competition, Welfare and Regulation in Internet Search
Pollock, Rufus
6. Multimarket Contact in Pharmaceutical Markets
Javier Coronado; Sergi Jiménez Martín; Pedro L. Marín
7. Pumping Water to Compete in Electricity Markets
CRAMPES, Claude; MOREAUX, Michel
8. Competition and the Organisation of the Clearing and Settlement Industry
Patrick Van Cayseele
9. Regulation of NGN: Structural Separation, Access Regulation, or No Regulation at All?
Kirsch, Fabian; Von Hirschhausen, Christian
10. The Economics of Next Generation Access Networks and Regulatory Governance: Towards Geographic Patterns of Regulation
Amendola, Giovanni Battista; Pupillo, Lorenzo Maria
11. Regulatory Approaches to NGNs: An International Comparison
Marcus, J. Scott; Elixmann, Dieter
12. NGA, IP-Interconnection and their Impact on Business Models and Competition
Reichl, Wolfgang; Ruhle, Ernst-Olav
13. Live or let die : intra-sectoral lobbying on entry
Vincent Rebeyrol; Julien Vauday
14. Product Market Deregulation and the U.S. Employment Miracle
Ebell, Monique; Haefke, Christian


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