"New Economics Papers: Industrial Competition" (2008-03-15)

A continuación transcribo el índice del último «New Economics Papers» de»Industrial Competition» (2008-03-15) editado por Russell Pittman (US Department of Justice) que en esta oportunidad cuenta con veintiún ensayos:

1. Dynamic Price Competition with Network Effects
Luis Cabral
2. Bertrand and Price-Taking Equilibria in Markets with Product Differentiation
Germán Coloma
3. Monopoly, Diversification through Adjacent Technologies, and Market Structure
Karaaslan, Mehmet E.
4. Knowledge Spillovers, Competition, and R&D Incentive Contracts
N. Lacetera; L. Zirulia
5. Efficiency gains and mergres
Giuseppe, DE FEO
6. The Elusive Antitrust Standard on Bundling in Europe and in the United States at the Aftermath of the Microsoft Cases
Nicholas Economides; Ioannis Lianos
7. Giving the German Cartel Office the Power of Divestiture. The Conformity of the Reform with Constitutional Law
Christoph Engel
8. Income Distribution, Market Structure, and Individual Welfare
Tarasov, Alexander
9. Privatization and policy competition for FDI
Oscar, AMERIGHI; Giuseppe, DE FEO
10. Does product market competition improve the labour market performance ?
Gabriele, CARDULLO
11. Real Business Cycles with Cournot Competition and Endogenous Entry
Andrea Colciago; Federico Etro
12. Should One Sell Domestic Firms to Foreign Ones? A Tale of Delegation, Acquisition and Collusion.
D. Dragone
13. Product variety and price strategy in the ski manufacturing industry
Nicoletta Corrocher; Marco Guerzoni
14. Electricity Markets and Energy Security: Friends or Foes?
Brennan, Timothy J.
15. Legally Separated Joint Ownership of Bidder and Auctioneer: Illustrated by the Partial Deregulation of the EU Electricity Markets
Silvester van Koten
16. Price Setting in a Decentralized Market and the Competitive Outcome
Stephan Lauermann
17. Intellectual Property Rights and Entry Choices
Thitima Puttitanun
18. Antitrust Policy and Industrial Policy: A View from the U.S.
Lawrence J. White
19. The Growing Influence of Economics and Economists on Antitrust: An Extended Discussion
Lawrence J. White
20. Some Policy Issues on Open Source and Proprietary Software
Graziella Marzi
21. Disentangling non-linearities in the long- and short-run price relationships: An application to the U.S. hog/Pork supply chain
Gervais, Jean-Philippe

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