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"New Economics Papers: Industrial Competition" (2008-03-08)

11 marzo, 2008

A continuación transcribo el índice del último “New Economics Papers” de”Industrial Competition” (2008-03-08) editado por Russell Pittman (US Department of Justice):

1. A Model of Vertical Oligopolistic Competition
Markus Reisinger; Monika Schnitzer
2. Endogenous Mergers under Multi-Market Competition
Tina Kao; Flavio Menezes
3. Durable Goods, Innovation and Network Externalities
Cerquera Dussán, Daniel
4. Cournot Duopoly with Capacity Limit Plants
5. Collective Reputation, Entry and Minimum Quality Standard
Raphaël Soubeyran; Elodie Rouvière
6. Does Classical Competition Explain the Statistical Features of Firm Growth?
Alfarano, Simone; Milakovic, Mishael
7. ‘Make-or-Buy’ in International Oligopoly and the Role of Competitive Pressure
Dermot, Leahy; Catia , Montagna
8. Regulation and the Option to Delay
Fernando T. Camacho; Flavio Menezes
9. Collusion in a One-Period Insurance Market with Adverse Selection
Alexander Alegria; Manuel Willington
10. Entry Deterrence in Postal Service Markets
Beschorner, Patrick Frank Ernst
11. Latin versus European Power: A Tale of Two Market Reforms
Mennel, Tim; Viecens, Maria Fernanda
12. Operationalizing and Measuring Competition: Determinants of Competition in Private Banking Industry in India
KV, BHANU MURTHY; Deb, Ashis Taru
13. Theoretical Framework Of Competition As Applied To Banking Industry
KV, Bhanu Murthy; Deb, Ashis Taru
14. Merger Control as Barrier to EU Banking Market Integration
Koehler, Matthias
15. Firm Productivity and the Foreign-Market Entry Decision
Raff, Horst; Ryan, Michael; Stähler, Frank
16. Market structure in the distribution sector and merchandise trade
Hildegunn Kyvik Nordas; Massimo Geloso Grosso; Enrico Pinali

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