Paper: «Market Definition Analysis in Latin America with Applications to Internet-Based Industries»

El profesor David S. Evans  (University of Chicago Law School; University College London; Global Economics Group) y la profesora Elisa V. Mariscal (Centro de Investigación y Docencia Economica (CIDE); Competition Policy International (CPI); Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México (ITAM)) publicaron hace unas semanas un ensayo sobre la definición del mercado relevante en América Latina con énfasis en casos de Argentina, Brasil y México en sectores de empresas basadas en internet o industrias «on line«. El ensayo se titula «Market Definition Analysis in Latin America with Applications to Internet-Based Industries» y puede ser descargado gratuitamente acá.

Abajo encontrarán la descripción del artículo y datos que lo distinguen:

There has been a surge of recent antitrust cases involving Internet-based industries around the world, including in Latin America. These types of industries present special challenges for authorities, as their analysis requires an understanding of the fast-paced, innovative, and multi-sided nature of these businesses. In this paper we present methods and techniques for market definition and power analysis which emphasize the need to focus on competitive constraints rather than structural or functional characteristics of products and services — a particularly relevant issue in Internet-based industries. We next explore whether the legal frameworks of Argentina, Brazil and Mexico can accommodate this type of analyses. Our focus then shifts to how competition takes place in Internet-based industries; we describe how firms vie for consumer attention and provide this attention to advertisers and developers using the concept of “attention rivalry”. Taking this theoretical back-ground into account we pose the question of whether the three largest Latin American economies have the tools, legal ability and expertise to undertake these types of complex analyses. We use cases to illustrate where they have done so, and review the most relevant work they have undertaken in Internet-based industries since 2000. In our view, nothing prevents competition agencies in these countries from conducting the correct economic analyses.

Number of Pages in PDF File: 45

Keywords: attention markets, attention economy, antitrust, market defiition, internet industry, web industry online, multi-sided platforms, two-sided markets, maret power, Google, Facebook, Apple, Latin America antitrust, Argentina antitrust, Brazil antitrust, Mexico antitrust

JEL Classification: D13, D21, D22, D42, D47, D85, D92, J22, K21, L00, L11, L12, L13, L22, L26, L23, L40, L41, L60

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